Philippine Glaucoma Society

Philippine Glaucoma Society Scientific Lectures, Meetings and Courses Organized in 2015:

Philippine Academy of Ophthalmology Annual Meeting, EDSA Shangri-La Hotel, Manila, Philippines​

A. GLAUCOMA SYMPOSIUM 1; December 3, 2015

  • Title: More Glaucoma Surgery Options
  • Topics and Participants:
    • Chair: Norman M Aquino MD; Co-chair: Maria Zita Zagala-Meriales MD
    • Femtosecond cataract surgery in the glaucoma patient, Robert J. Noecker MD
    • Micropulse trans-scleral diode laser cyclophotocoagulation, Robert J. Noecker MD
    • A new ab-interno procedure to perform trabeculotomy/canaloplasty, Mark Latina MD
    • The Use of Dry Amniotic Membrane in Glaucoma Surgery, Mark Latina MD
    • Glaucoma drainage devices – The local experience Tips and Tricks, Edgar U. Leuenberger MD
    • Glaucoma drainage devices in the Uveitic patient, Joseph Anthony Tumbocon MD
    • Novel techniques for glaucoma drainage device placement, Robert J. Noecker MD

B. GLAUCOMA SYMPOSIUM 2; December 3, 2015

  • Title: More Treatment and Diagnostic Options
  • Topics and Participants:
    • Chair: Alexander Joseph L. Reyes, MD; Co-chair: Cynthia Verzosa, MD
    • The ISGEO classification of angle closure, Ma. Catherina Coronel-Nasol MD
    • The PACG spectrum: diagnostic and management case discussion, Presenter: Stelson Sia MD; Panelists:
      Mark Latina MD, Robert J. Noecker MD, Patricia Khu MD
    • New directions in addressing compliance in glaucoma treatment, Maria Hannah Pia U. de Guzman MD
    • Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) – 14 years of experience: Basic Science and Clinical Review, Mark Latina MD
    • The cost benefit analysis of utilizing selective laser trabeculoplasty in the Philippines, Jose Maria D. Martinez MD
    • The cost benefit analysis of utilizing selective laser trabeculoplasty in the United States, Robert J. Noecker MD
    • Finer points in assessing the SD-OCT in glaucoma, Robert J. Noecker MD

C. PLENARY SESSION (Glaucoma Talks); December 3, 2015

  • Topics and Participants:
    • Microinvasive glaucoma surgery. Robert J. Noecker MD
    • SLT as primary glaucoma therapy, Mark Latina, MD


  • Title: Optimizing Trabeculectomy Outcomes
  • Topics and Participants:
    • Chair: Maria Hannah Pia U. de Guzman, MD; Co-chair: Raquel J Quino MD
    • Pre-operative assessment and proper instrumentation, Pamela C. Allarey MD
    • Conjunctival flap dissection and closure, Edgar U. Leuenberger MD
    • Scleral flap dissection, sclerostomy, and scleral sutures, Benjamin M. Abela,Jr. MD
    • Antimetabolite application – what and how?, Maria Imelda Y. Veloso MD
    • Dealing with early and late post trabeculectomy complications, Rainier A. Covar MD
    • Bleb needling – How it is done and how it works, Jesus Altuna MD

World Glaucoma Congress, Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Center

  • Title: Philippine Glaucoma Society Symposium, June 6, 2015
  • Topics and Participants:
    • Chair: Norman Aquino MD; Co-Chair: Joseph Anthony Tumbocon MD
    • Introduction; Norman Aquino MD
    • Local overview of the problem of glaucoma; Rainier Covar MD
    • Types of glaucoma seen in tertiary hospitals; Nilo Vincent Florcruz MD
    • Judicious use of diagnostic instruments; John Mark de Leon MD
    • Monitoring for progression; Joseph Anthony Tumbocon MD
    • Phacomorphic and phacolytic glaucoma surgical videos; Rainier Covar MD
    • Goniosynechiolysis in angle closure surgical videos; Rainier Covar MD
    • Bleb revision surgical videos; Joseph Anthony Tumbocon MD
    • Tubes in tight places surgical videos; Joseph Anthony Tumbocon MD

Philippine Academy of Ophthalmology Midyear Meeting, Radisson Blu Hotel, Cebu, Philippines

  • Title: Glaucoma symposium: Understanding and managing IOP elevation in uveitis, May 16, 2015.
  • Topics and Speakers:
    • Chair: Manuel Delfin Jr, MD; Co-chair: Ma. Margarita Lat-Luna MD
    • Uveitic conditions with IOP rise/glaucoma; Cesar Perez MD
    • Steroid induced IOP rise/glaucoma and experience with newer steroids; Manuel Delfin, Jr. MD
    • Trab versus Tube in medically uncontrolled uveitic glaucoma/ocular hypertension; Joseph Anthony Tumbocon MD
    • The challenge of monitoring progression in uveitic patients with IOP rise/glaucoma; Ma. Margarita Lat-Luna MD

Philippine Academy of Ophthalmology Lifelong Educational Programs

  • April 21, 2015 at The Medical City, Pasig: Pamela Allarey MD
  • July 4, 2015 at Harvest Hotel, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija: Ma. Catherine Coronel-Nasol MD