Philippine Glaucoma Society

by Dr. Pamela C. Allarey

The annual strategic planning of the Philippine Glaucoma Society (PGS) was held last February 1- 3, 2015 at The Manor, Camp John Hay in Baguio City.

Team building activities were done on the first day while the meetings began on the second day. The objectives and performance of the society were assessed and presented by Dr. Joseph Anthony Tumbocon, the new president of the society. Part of the objectives were: setting the standards in determining who are qualified to be considered as glaucoma specialists; formulating guidelines for glaucoma training programs in the Philippines; providing avenues for continuing medical education and exchange of ideas in glaucoma; conducting and encouraging research publication in glaucoma; promoting public awareness; upholding professional and ethical standards among glaucoma specialists; promoting local and international recognition of the society and its members; establishing linkages with other relevant scientific and non-scientific organizations locally and internationally; and to provide assistance to the Philippine Glaucoma Foundation.

Activities for the World Glaucoma Week on March 8-14, 2015 were discussed by Dr. Nilo Vincent Florcruz II and the PGS contributions to the Philippine Academy of Ophthalmology Midyear meeting and LEAP program 2015 by Dr. John Mark de Leon. Update on the PGS research entitled “The Profile of the Glaucomas in the Philippines: Current practice patterns in diagnosis and treatment” was given by Dr. Edgar Leuenberger. Financial status of the society was discussed by Dr. Manuel Delfin Jr. and Dr. Patricia Khu, while Dr. Cesar Perez gave an update on the PGS website and computerized open electronic medical records (EMR) as suggested by Dr. Alexander Joseph Reyes.

The plans for the Philippine Glaucoma Foundation (PGF) were presented by Dr. Benjamin Abela Jr., the president of the Executive Committee. The new structure of the foundation was introduced; including the Board of Trustees chaired by Dr. Mario Yatco and the different committee heads.

Dr. Mario V. Aquino led the oath taking ceremonies of the new PGS officers: Dr. Joseph Anthony Tumbocon as president, Dr. Ma. Margarita Lat-Luna as VP, Dr. Maria Hannah Pia de Guzman as Secretary, Dr Manuel Delfin Jr. as Treasurer, and Dr. Jose Ma. Martinez, Dr. Nilo Vincent Florcruz II, Dr. Benjamin Abela Jr., and Dr. Rommel Bautista as board members. Dr. Aldo-Mar Cariaga was likewise inducted as a new member of the PGS.

Dr. Manuel Agulto headed the oath taking ceremonies of the new officers and board of trustees of PGF. The officers of PGF are Dr. Benjamin Abela Jr. as President, Dr. Rommel Bautista as VP, Dr. Ernesto Pangalangan as Secretary, and Dr. Rigo Daniel Reyes as Treasurer. The PGF Board of Trustees are: Dr. Mario Yatco as Chairman, Dr. Patricia Khu as Vice Chairman, Dr. Norman Aquino, Dr. Manolito Reyes, and Dr. Jose Maria Martinez as members.

The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the society were carefully discussed and evaluated and action plans were made. All members of the society signed up for the realization of these plans with a clear goal in mind: to uplift the quality of glaucoma care in the Philippines.