Philippine Glaucoma Society

The Philippine Glaucoma Society (PGS) is composed of ophthalmologists specially trained in glaucoma who are committed to improving the quality of glaucoma care in the Philippines through education, research and exchange of ideas. The PGS provides its members with a venue for sharing knowledge while fostering camaraderie and cooperation. The Philippine Glaucoma Society organizes and conducts congresses, symposia and instructional courses not only for Filipino ophthalmologists but also for international colleagues during local and international meetings. The PGS is involved in the training of future glaucoma specialists, upholding professional standards for glaucoma care, and promoting glaucoma research in the country. The PGS also works with other health-related and non-health-related organizations to increase public awareness about glaucoma. The PGS is the glaucoma subspecialty society recognized by the Philippine Academy of Ophthalmology and it is the Philippine representative to the World Glaucoma Association and to the Asia-Pacific Glaucoma Society.